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Career Therapy

Worry less, Do more

Get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to shape your career

Just finished with class X or XII exams? Too many choices? Anxious/nervous about your results? Worried about which college to choose for future? Confused about which stream suits your personality?

Choose our Career Therapy today if You:
  • Are a student of class X and above
  • Want to recognize your skills that can shape your career
  • Don’t understand your future goal yet
  • Are confused which stream to choose in XI/XII
  • Need somebody to talk to about upcoming exams
  • Don’t have enough information on the new colleges, fields and courses.
  • Feel limited by the options of Science, Commerce & Humanities.
And Remember, it's FREE FOR EARLY BIRDS!!

Do NOT worry. The world is your oyster. Do you know you could choose from more than 500+ career options after class XII? We will guide you to your best potential. One phone call can solve your problems.

Step 1:

Talk to us and let us help you discover your interests and skills that can shape your future.

Step 2:

After when you’ve registered, take the 10-minute free Aptitude Assessment Test to allow us to assess which career in Design will suit you the best

Choose SDC Career Therapy

Find Resolution to your Stress

Identify your talent, skillset and what you’re good at. Learn about your passion and what interests you the most. Understand how to kick-start your career after passing Class XII.

Assess your Creative Aptitude

Have more clarity about what kind of job suits you the best, on the basis of the Aptitude Test score. Also, find out the areas where you can improve.

Explore Alternate Career Options

Know about the different job profiles and the emerging career options apart from Engineering. Understand how you can pursue specialized professional courses after Class XII.