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Career Guidance

Your Guide to Success

Allow us to Help you find the Right Direction at Every Step

Signum Design Counselling will help you with

Our team of professional counsellors uses highly detailed creativity quotient tests to help spot your creative potential, skills, and interests and help you decide on the next step. We will help you choose the right course for you as well as the most suitable college offering the right scholarship.

From identifying courses, colleges, and scholarships to helping with applications and interviews, Signum will always be there for you at every step. We will help you in applying to the top colleges in Design, Fashion, and Architecture in India for admission to the degree, diploma, and other certificate programs.

Signum conducts high-quality online coaching programs to help you prepare well for the entrance exams of NID, NIFT, NATA, and UCEED with experienced faculty and resources. As you get ready to take the first step in the world of Design, we want you to be prepared for every challenge. Explore our Courses Offered

We will assist you through the entire application process right from registration onwards to college admission. By choosing our Career Guidance package, you do not have take stress regarding the registration dates, exam dates, or entry requirements, etc. Just focus on your studies and leave all your worries to us.

CAREER GUIDANCE PACKAGE – INR 1999 (6 month access)

Importance of Career Counselling For You

MORE THAN 90% OF INDIAN STUDENTS ARE AWARE OF JUST 7 CAREER OPTIONS… This surprising lack of career knowledge among Indian students presents a scope of the economic benefit that we should be exploiting due to our demographic dividend, given that 20% of our population is adolescents. The best age to consider job counseling is 16-18 years after you begin to realize your skill-set and the area of your interest, but want to explore all the relevant options. Career counseling will level out the tension and allow you more time to indulge in logical thoughts by simplifying things.

Emerging Career Options You Did Not Know…

  • Art Director
  • Architect
  • Fashion Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Floral Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Photography

Augmented Reality Designer

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