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"The future depends on what you do today"
- Mahatma Gandhi

We can help you with

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Do NOT tame your anxiety when it comes to choosing the career path. Talk to us to gain more clarity and allow us to support you.

Identify your Creative Aptitude

Everyone has its own field of specialty to rise & shine. Identify the career opportunities that match your creative aptitude.

Choosing the Right Design Course

We will help you select the most suitable Design Course with right subjects, and guide you about the institutes offering those courses & their scholarships

About Studying Overseas

From counselling on choosing an overseas location to recommendations on applying for scholarships, get all the valuable information you require to study overseas



  • Therapy Session Guided by 20+ Industry Experts & Dedicated Counsellors to Understand Your Profile.
  • 10-minute Creative Aptitude Assessment To Analyze Your Creative Skills

Based on creative aptitude assessment result, get your creative profile developed with your strengths, weaknesses, interests. We will help you explore through 1000+ opportunities in the design related fields.



    We will be guiding you with:

  • Information regarding 25+ domestic college and 40+ international colleges in 15 countries providing 100+ creative courses
  • Entrance exams details for all the selected colleges including last dates of registrations, exam dates and preparation guidance.
  • 600+ scholarships available to design students in these colleges.

We will help you frame an application timeline so that you remain on top of the formalities. Our guidance will include editing of applications, constant review & assessments and follow-ups.



  • Visa process guidance for students planning to study abroad.
  • Campus life guidance and pre-departure meetings.

Career in Design

Coz Engineering is not the only Option for Creative Individuals

Art Director

Determining the overall visual look of advertisements, publications, product packages, and movie productions. They set the artistic style for each project & oversee the work of creative professionals like photographers, set designers & graphic designers.


Architecture is not a child's play. Designing buildings that are both functional and attractive takes a unique blend of artistic ability and mathematical skill.

Fashion Designer

Creating designs that people wear has another level of satisfaction. From clothing and costumes to accessories and footwear, you will design what people love to carry.

Industrial Designer

Coming up with designs for manufactured products such as appliances, cars, furniture, and toys is the responsibility of industrial designers. A degree in industrial design, engineering, or architecture is usually required.

Interior Designer

Responsible for designing someone’s dream space, you have to be immaculate choosing the room's lighting, flooring, furniture, and other materials. Good interior designers are not easy to find, which makes them highly valuable professionals.

Graphic Designer

These professionals are the key requirement of any creative project as they are the ones who sell an idea through graphics using a limited space. Designing Websites, Infographics, flyers & brochures are all examples of work produced by graphic designers.

Set Designer

Devising the backdrop, furniture, and props that are involved in a television, film, or theater production, set designers have a vital role to play to make a scene look authentic. Paying attention to the minor detail is an essential part of their job.

Floral Designer

Floral Designers have the power to make someone’s special event a memorable one by selecting & arranging the right set of flowers and greenery. It requires artistic skills & empathy to understand the emotions that flowers can evoke.


INR 999 INR Free
  • 1 Session
  • Career Therapy
  • Design Aptitude Assessment
  • Career Catalog


INR 20000 INR 15000
  • 1 Year Access
  • Career Therapy
  • Design Aptitude Assessment
  • Career Catalog
  • Domestic College Index
  • Stress Management Sessions For Exams
  • Entrance Exams
  • Scholarships
  • Personal Counseling
  • Portfolio Building
  • International College Index
  • Application Process Guidance
  • Visa Guidance
  • Pre-Departure Counselling
  • Accommodation Guidance
  • Campus Life Guidance

Career Counselling and Aptitude Tests are also available as per session interactions.

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